Executive EQ

Executive EQ is a unique collaboration. In 1996 Ayman Sawaf suggested The Four Cornerstone Model of Emotional Intelligence to Dr. Robert Cooper and engaged him to conduct a global research survey on emotional intelligence in business and related fields; and eventually to write a book together.

Ayman’s international best-selling book Executive EQ: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Organizations was the first book to bring the concept of emotional intelligence into the business world, a previously unacknowledged connection.

Published in 17 languages across 28 countries, universities and key institutions around the world continue to endorse the book as an essential resource. The book includes the first standardized instrument for assessing emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Sacred Commerce

Sacred Commerce introduces you to the concept of the Fourth Bottom Line and explores a new Hero’s Journey that is sourced in Emotional Alchemy, Resonance Causation, Conscious Evolution, and Beauty, Goodness, and Truth — the transformational ingredients necessary to step fully into the Age of Consciousness.

The book explores the history and mystery of commerce and tells the story of the Merchant Priesthood of ancient Egypt who practiced and mastered Emotional Alchemy in their pursuit of Beauty, Goodness, and Truth/Wisdom.