Emotional Alchemy

Your Treasure Map Towards Emotional Mastery

Our emotions are undeniably the single greatest source of power available to us in any given moment. It is a power we often squander, giving it away to anything we believe in; from politicians to teachers, media, partners, money, substances, and family. Emotional Alchemy is an online course that will help you harness this power allowing you to navigate your emotions with grace.

The Emotional Alchemy course runs twice a year and contains some of the
most personally valuable tools for use in your daily life.

The Next Course Begins on September 23rd, 2024

This course will teach you how to harness and direct your power for your own use, not leaking it out to the external world.  As you learn to reflect daily on your emotions you will become more aware of the deep seated, often unconscious, patterns that you live by.  

The course material itself will take less than 2 hours a week. The work is in using what you learn to bring greater awareness to your daily life and becoming more conscious of your resonance (your energy field), with the support of your higher self.

What You Will Learn

Introduction to Shamanic Meditation, a type of meditation that activates your inner-self and helps you to develop intimacy with your higher self and the emotions you experience.

The Four Cornerstones of Emotional Intelligence:

1- Emotional Literacy
Learning the alphabet and grammar of our emotions and discovering what they’re trying to tell us.

2- Emotional Fitness
Putting  what you’ve learned into practice as you begin to develop your emotional muscles, taking responsibility for the messages coming from your reality and consciously responding to them.

3- Emotional Depth
In this section we actively uncover the truth of who we are – the Beauty, Goodness and Truth we are made of. We dive deeper into the ‘pool of emotion’ and uncover the treasures buried deep inside of us, getting in touch with our strengths and talents.

4- Emotional Alchemy
This is where the real magic happens; we learn how to use our own body chamber as a distillation space to transform our base emotions into their higher octaves, thus changing reality real time and infusing our world with greater levels of JOY.


Your journey will culminate in a private session with Rowan and the gifted mystic, Sophia Noelle, to integrate the work you have done.  We will review your emotional treasure map and assist you in identifying your powerful next steps.

What The Course Includes

  • 3 months of self-study
  • Videos and audios content lead by Ayman and Rowan
  • Written material to assist you in discovering your own emotional landscape
  • Guided meditations and emotional work practices
  • A bi-weekly zoom discussion, chaired by Rowan and Sophia, including breakout sessions to reflect with others
  • Hardback copy of Sacred Commerce, A Blueprint for a New Humanity delivered to your door
  • Private zoom session with Rowan and the gifted mystic, Sophia Noelle
  • life-time access to the Emotional Alchemy course materials.

Course Cost $777


Your Course Guides

Rowan Gabrielle – EQ Guide
Rowan brings 30 years of working with EQ in many forms, from the creation of the Kids EQ emotional Literacy program all the way to this Emotional Alchemy course. She is able to demystify complex emotions and make them so practical you can’t wait to get into the next one 🙂  She and Ayman have pioneered the re-introduction of the concepts of Sacred Commerce into our Modern World.

Ayman Sawaf – (1953-2022) Our Guiding Light
Ayman was an incredible synthesist of information and the primary focus of his life’s work was creating tools to free humanity from the negative cycles, kept in place through low consciousness. He was ALL about the elegant path. Ayman was an early pioneer of EQ in the business world, co-authoring the best Selling book ‘Executive EQ, Emotional Intelligence in Business and Organizations’  in the mid 90’s.

Together Ayman and Rowan spent the last 20 years making this work very personal and evolving it into this 3 month self-study course – making it accessible to people everywhere.

Sophia Noelle – Modern Day Mystic
Sophia brings 22 years of working one on one with people, supporting them to transform their lives wherever they might be ‘sticking’.  She has a science background in functional medicine and had a short career in politics – all of which lead to a big picture mindset, very helpful in guiding the individuals she works with.  

Course Cost $777