Ayman and Rowan met in 1992 and after the initial disgust, (due to a deep-seated judgement/opinion about Coca-Cola) sparks most definitely flew and a deep recognition and remembering was felt by both. 

Sparks flew, not necessarily your regular sparks of body chemistry – but spiritual sparks around a love of business as a potential spiritual path and avenue of evolution, seeding ways for humanity to more elegantly grow up and for people to begin to live in right livelihood. In the 30 years they spent as partners they spent most of their time together – co-creating all manner of businesses and homes – their main focus however was on the development of real tools to assist themselves and fellow humans in their understanding and development of self. They focused on what they considered to be the most essential tools for awakening and every day happiness: Emotional Literacy and Emotional Intelligence.

They also developed the Meme of Sacred Commerce – the marriage of business and spirituality – leading to one living one’s destiny. The partnership continues although Ayman is now working from the angelic realm, participating through dreams and through the many treasures he left buried inside the many humans he touched whilest he was here.  

Together Ayman and Rowan created an international community that continues to grow and develop these memes and to build out the Aytopia.com platform that they built in the last year of their lives together on earth.

Ayman, Rowan, and Azlan at their 23rd anniversary

This was the last photo taken of Ayman & Rowan

Ayman departed his body in February 2022. Rowan always said he lived like a comet, a bright light that you wanted to be around all the time knowing that it wouldn’t necessarily be here for the long run but that for as long as it was you had to be around its light. Ayman was an international treasure and poured his love for humanity into the many projects he seeded, he created friendship and intimacy quickly and was a significant impact in the lives of many hundreds of individuals.

All of us at Sacred Commerce feel sure that his work will not only continue, but will in fact flourish due to the love that he shared so generously with so many. Sacred Commerce is the hub for his life‘s work and aytopia.com is the community expression. His legacy will of course far outlive him and our gratitude towards this truly great soul grows daily, as we live in to the wisdom he so elegantly synthesised, he was an unusual soul and not always the easiest to live with but always without fail a most inspiring person to be around. May his work flourish and may his love continue to touch many millions of souls.

Ayman Sawaf (1953 to 2022). Ayman, aka ‘Happy the Man’ definitely enjoyed “a life well lived” not without its trials and tribulations, but with great gusto and ‘joy the Vive’. He leaves a great legacy. His visions have already touched many and will continue to touch many more. He has left us the architecture of Emotional Literacy, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Alchemy and Sacred Commerce. Many of his blueprints are still to be fleshed out but thankfully he infused them into many hundreds of people, all of which will hopefully continue to co-create with us thanks for his inspiration and love. For a deeper insight into his works: Aymansawaf.com has a full list of his extraordinary accomplishments in this one lifetime. Sacred Commerce will remain the place to come to understand the essence of his work and to join the co-creative team that continues to work to develop it.

Rowan Gabrielle Artist, Entrepreneur, Author, and Co-Author of the books; ‘Sacred Commerce, A blueprint for a new Humanity’ and the E-book; ‘Age of Consciousness, Surfing the Disruption’. Creativity is the pulse of my life and has expressed itself in many ways; most consistently through painting, pottery, photography, business, and in the development of new thoughts and structures for humans to elegantly awaken (namely Emotional Literacy and Emotional Alchemy).

I am now the Creative Director of Aytopia.com, the final project Ayman and I built, it was many years in the making and is a community hub for putting Sacred Commerce into action. My Long term dream is creating communities that are inspired by living systems and that apply the core concepts of Sacred Commerce through an inhouse, community owned business incubator. A community that supports the abundance and awakening of its members.

For more about me check my personal website: Rowangabrielle.com

In the meantime we create community wherever we live 🙂 and online @ Aytopia.com