About Us

We are a global, virtual, and physical community of spiritual entrepreneurs around the concepts of Sacred Commerce. Aytopia is an incubator of start-up ventures in the realms of media, commerce, and education.

The world of technology is our playing field, however the platforms on which the businesses operate are neither the unique strength of the business nor a limiting factor. Technology changes at a rapid pace in this age and any business that is locked into a particular platform is inherently limited. Our businesses utilize various types of advanced networked technologies but can move easily to new platforms as advances are made.

We have been in R&D for the past 5 years investing our own time and money to reach pre-launch for 3 of our portfolio companies – we are looking for a support team to help us keep things building as we go for funding- and hopefully to continue with us as co-creators and partners.

We have vast experience in media, marketing, technology, community, and collaboration. Together, our team represents decades of experience, but more importantly, we share a positive vision for the future of media, education, and entertainment.

Ayman Sawaf is a visionary social entrepreneur, published music and best selling author. He spent the last 40 years in business, disrupting media commerce and education.

He is one of the original pioneers of the discipline now known as Social Emotional Learning (SEL) with a focus on Emotional Literacy. He is a leader within the Emotional Intelligence movement – his book Executive EQ: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Organizations 1995, is the book that introduced Emotional Intelligence to the business world. His book ‘Sacred Commerce, A Blueprint for a New Humanity,’ written with his partner Rowan Gabrielle aims to spiritualize Commerce one entrepreneur at a time. With their latest book the ‘Age of Consciousness’, they inspire entrepreneurs and leaders to surf the chaos and disruption consciously and hopefully with elegance and grace.

Rowan Gabrielle is a visionary artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist with 30+ years experience in the conscious marketplace.
As the co-author of Sacred Commerce, she incorporates spirituality within her consulting practices.

Rowan has been involved in multiple companies in the sustainable living and consciousness market place, culminating with the Wholelife Expo, (the US Wholistic living Expo). She is the founder of organicleather.com a brand focused on natural leather that comes from animals that lead good lives. She is passionate about interspecies communication and is a Special events producer and photographer.