Emotional Alchemy



E-motions are undeniably the single greatest source of power any individual has in their hands at any given moment. It is a power we often squander, giving it away to anything we believe in from money to politicians, teachers, media, partners, & family.

The opportunities to give your power away are everywhere, your Emotional Mastery allows you to navigate each of those turns with excellence.

The Emotional Alchemy course contains what Ayman and I consider to be some of the most personally valuable tools one can take the time to learn.

We will run The Emotional Alchemy training as a guided course twice a year.

The 1st one starts on February 23rd, 2023.

• 3 months of self-study material to read and familiarize oneself with your personal emotional landscape.
• Bi-weekly zoom discussion/work groups
• Culminating with a 1-0-1 private session to give more value to the tools you have learned and co-create a map for yourself with the support of Rowan and a gifted mystic guide.

The actual course material will take less than 2h a week of your time The work is all about expanding your awareness and becoming more conscious of your resonance, taking the time to reflect with the support of your inner guides adding more meaning and value to your daily life.


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